Hooray for Independent Bookshops

I’ve been delirious with delight at finding another brilliant Independent bookshop-Review Bookshop in Bellenden Road, Peckham, London-which has a remarkable selection of foreign fiction in translation, eg My Documents, a collection of short stories by the Chilean writer, Alejandro Zambra, as well as books by smaller publishers like Peirene Press and Andotherstories. They also have a whole shelf devoted to short stories so if you are addicted to the form (which you may be after reading Jhumpa Lahiri ) this bookshop is for you.

At the other end of the country- literally, in Orkney- lies Stromness Books and Prints in Stromness’ main street. This shop was a kind of beacon for me during a chilly May holiday on Orkney this year, containing a great range of excellent contemporary fiction and the owner being happy to recommend a book by George Mackay Brown, the Orkney writer.

Last but not least is our Sheffield independent bookshop Rhyme and Reason at Hunter’s Bar. Now this tiny shop looks primarily like a children’s bookshop and it does carry indeed a huge number of childrens’ books- BUT it also carries adult fiction and non fiction, is up to the minute with recently published work,  and will order anything for you and usually get it within 24- 48 hours. And you can go straight round the corner to the excellent Cafe Ceres to get stuck into that book right away.

Thank you thank you for  just being there…..

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