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Geisterbahn- Ghost train- by Ursula Krechel

Ghost train- what a great title for this, Ursula Krechel’s third novel about the Nazi period in Germany and its legacy. The novel takes the story of a Sinti fairground family, the Dorns, following them during the thirties as they … Continue reading

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Shanghai fern von wo- Ursula Krechel

This great novel by Ursula Krechel, winner of the German Book Prize in 2012, seems more relevant than ever today in our world of displaced people escaping war, terror and discrimination. It deals with the stories of a number of … Continue reading

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‘Landgericht’ by Ursula Krechel and sample translation

In July 1948 a resolution was passed by the Political Commission of the World Jewish Congress stating ‘the determination of the Jewish people never again to settle on the bloodstained soil of Germany’, (Michael Brenner: In the Shadow of the … Continue reading

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